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land loan interest rates

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Once you are out of debt, stay that way! You don't need to cut up your credit cards. That will actually hurt your credit score. Rotate them so they continue to show activity on your credit history, but don't go back into debt. Dedicate one purchase a month and pay it off with no interest. You will be amazed at how much income you will have at the end of the month when there are no interest payments being paid to lenders, creditors or banks.
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Short term lending means you don't have a long term problem. Because of the nature of the payday loan you know that you only have that debt for a month or so. This has the advantage of knowing that you won't be paying off the debt for the next 6 months. Although most people think that if you default you are in big trouble this often simply isn't true. The payday loan companies understand that a certain number of people will default and they build this into their business plan, often simply banning the customer from using the service again rather than taking further action.
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