External Multi-Hack by Steven V2.1

Все функции Multi-Hack'а:
-Weapon Configs (1 = All, 2 = Groups)
-Overlay Update Delay (Set higher if Slow PC / Reduces Preformance)
-Aimbot (FOV, Smooth, Silent, Enemy Only, Time)
-Customizable Intelligent Aimbot (Minimal and Maximal FOV and Smooth)
-Bullet Control (Example: BulletControl Min 2, BulletControl Max 5 = Aimbot only aims if you have 2-5 ammo / W.I.P)
-RCS / No Recoil (Recoil-Control System)

-Triggerbot (HeadOnly, AutoWall, EnemyOnly)
-TriggerAim (Weapon Configs, Delay,Hold, Time,Bone, RCS / No Recoil)

-Radar (Enabled, Enemy Only, Position, Range, Size, Background Color, Line Color, CT Color, T Color)

-Customizable 3D ESP (Color, Thickness, Enemy Only)
-Customizable 2D ESP (Color, Thickness, Enemy Only)
-Customizable Dot ESP (Bone, Size, Color)
-Far ESP
-Skeleton ESP (Enabled, Thickness, T Color, CT Color)
-Name, Distance, Weapon and Health ESP (Enabled, T Color, CT Color)

-Customizable Crosshair (Length, Thickness, Style, Color)
-Crosshair Sniper-Only

-Customizable Hack Console: Color Customizable, Silent Load (Set Console to 0 and disable Overlay)
-Customizable Crosshair (Color, Size, Style, Thickness)
-Update Delay
-Consistency Bypass
-Cheats Bypass-PlayerID Bypass (Trigger on all servers)
-DrawModels Bypass
-Knifebot (Enabled, Enemy Only, Distance, Key)
-AutoPistol (Enabled, Key)
-Loader Music (Enabled, Chooseable Loader Music)
-Overlay Features (VSync, Max FPS, Show FPS)

Future Features:
-Menu(Arrow key)
Источник: http://fpteam-cheats.com

External Multi-Hack by Steven V2.1


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