WCS Warcraft: Source V0.78.5g.4c [Orangebox] Fixed

WCS Warcraft: Source V0.78.5g.4c [Orangebox] Fixed

Что нужно для работы?:
Eventscripts v2.1.1.360 или выше
Source Python Extentions

[Fixed] teleport not to teleport way to far in wcs/tools/ultimates/default/es_default.txt (Fix by: MiB)
[Fixed] restrict levels of shopmenu in wcs/core and items.ini (Fix by: Jhonam)
[Fixed] items.ini on line 59 (Reported by: Xuqe Noia)
[Fixed] weapon restrictions to drop weapons instead of removing them, this fixed the crash issue. Requires SPE. (Fix by: Pwned)
[Fixed] deathcmd issue (Fix by: Pwned)
[Fixed] drop in core/expand with sexec instead of cexec (Reported by: Grimston)
[Fixed] maximum = in wcs/core/changerace on line 251 (Reported by: Muerte)
[Fixed] allowonly in wcs/core/changerace (Fix by: Muerte)
[Fixed] popup pending can crash server (Fix by: Kami)
[Fixed] missing XP issue in wcs/wcs.py (Fix by: MiB)
[Fixed] multiple shopitems (Fix by: Kami)
[Fixed] teamlimit (Fix by: Kami)
[Fixed] wcs.py to fix missing userid in tell msg (Fix: By Pwned)
[Fixed] orcspawn effect to use give from wcs.core.expand instead of es.give (Fix: By Muerte)
[Fixed] mole (Fix: By Kami)
[Removed] some misplaced files (Removed: By Muerte)


Источник: http://warcraft-source.com

WCS Warcraft: Source V0.78.5g.4c [Orangebox] Fixed

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